Domestic Transactions

Introduction, Limit Assessment and Agreement

Terms and conditions covering your company requirements are defined and limit assessment is done by TEB Faktoring. Factoring agreement is signed based on the agreed terms and conditions.

Please click here to access factoring agreement and its addendums.

Sales, Delivery and Finance

Supply of goods or rendering of services are completed based on the sales contract, if any, between you and your client (debtor).

Receivables arising from supply of goods or rendering of services are assigned to TEB Faktoring together with payment instruments (like cheque, promissory note, if any).

Finance amount (prepayment amount) is calculated based on the agreed terms and conditions (like interest rate, facility type (discounting, straight loan, current account, etc.) and transferred to your bank account.

Dunning and Balance Payment

Collection of receivables from debtors are done by TEB Factoring.

If the facility is discounting then the transaction will be closed by collection of Receivables.

If the facility is straight loan or current account, balance payment is calculated by discounting prepayment and fees from the collection amount and sent to your bank account.

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