Organisational Structure

Our most important asset is our people. TEB Faktoring carefully selects its employees, and even more carefully assigns in-house and external educations to them for gradual and constant improvement.

Main departments and their responsibilities are as follows:


The marketing department is essentially responsible for developing a customer portfolio, promoting and thus ensuring the use of product, putting forward appropriate suggestions by determining customers’ needs and covering requests correctly and quickly.


The credit department is responsible for evaluating financial structures of potential customer’s portfolio – by sector – within the framework of TEB Group principles. The credit department also carries out intelligence procedures; prepares sector analyses and reports.

Financial Affairs

The financial affair department is essentially responsible for building and keeping up the operation and accounting records of performed transactions while checking their compliance.


The Company’s operations are separated into two categories; Domestic operations and international.

The domestic operations department is essentially responsible for the follow up of the collection of invoices assigned by clients (and the collection of customer checks/promissory notes if any), checking client accounts, preparing, checking and pursuing documentation related to clients.

The international operations is essentially responsible to assign, follow up and collect receivables properly to/from correspondents factors, to handle and manage disputes, to allocate credit covers from correspondent factors in line with exporters’ needs and to prepare, check and pursue documentation related to transactions.


Locating, negotiating and managing best costs and quotations for the Company cash flow and credit lines.


Besides keeping in-house developed system function properly, IT Department updates, analyses and tests new applications permanently.

Compliance and Internal Control

Supervising that the company activities comply with local and international legislations.

Legal Adviser

Providing legal advice to company units and employees as well as collecting bad debts via legal follow ups.

In order to ensure the highest levels of service quality, TEB Faktoring works with, dynamic, well-educated and experienced personnel in all departments.

As a growing organization, TEB Faktoring constantly seeks to add new clients to its existing portfolio.

Internship Opportunity: TEB Faktoring offers internship opportunities to those who have recently graduated from college or who will graduate in the coming years.

Fringe Benefits

  • Private Group Health Insurance
  • Transportation
  • Lunch
  • Annual Social Events

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