• 1997
    Operating as a subsidiary of Türk Ekonomi Bankası A.Ş, TEB Faktoring A.Ş. (TEB Faktoring Inc.) was established in June 1997 to offer domestic and export factoring services. Within the framework of TEB Group principles, the company provides high quality and comprehensive services to meet needs of clients in various sizes from different sectors. From the beginning, TEB Faktoring is committed to expand its factoring solutions to more companies looking for reliable and flexible financing solutions. The company pays high importance to first rate customer services to be preferable among other financing methods as well as a leader in its field.
  • 1998
    TEB Faktoring joined Factors Chain International, the largest and most significant factoring chain in the world, in January 1998.
  • 2013
    Fortis Faktoring A.Ş. legal entity was dissolved and merged into TEB Faktoring A.Ş., following the approval of the Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency dated 26 June 2013 and numbered 32521522.134.143-16138; where all the assets of Fortis Faktoring A.Ş. were transferred to TEB Faktoring A.Ş. as a whole. Based on this approval, the merger process performed under Turkish Commercial Code and all related regulations was registered in Istanbul Trade Registry on 1 July 2013.

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